SSIV - Program 2018 (June 25)


Session 1             Keynote Speaker   9:00 - 10:30  
Keynote Philippe Quéré                       Progress and possibilities of concrete links between functional safety and cybersecurity  
Coffee Break      

Session 2 

 Security   11:00- 12:30  
Paper 1 Eugen Horatiu Gurban, Bogdan Groza and Pal-Stefan Murvay Risk assessment and security countermeasures for vehicular instrument clusters  
Paper 2 Andrew Tomlinson, Jeremy Bryans, Siraj A. Shaikh and Harsha Kumara Kalutarage, Detection of Automotive CAN Cyber-Attacks by Identifying Packet Timing Anomalies in Time Windows  
Paper 3 Daniel Fowler, Jeremy Bryans, Siraj Shaikh and Paul Wooderson Fuzz Testing for Automotive Cyber-security  
Session 3    Evaluation and testing   14:00- 15:30  
Paper 4 Vikas Agrawal, Marcel Frueh, Oliver Bringmann and Wolfgang Rosenstiel Evaluating optical flow vectors through collision points of object trajectories in varying computer-generated snow intensities for autonomous vehicles  
Paper 5 Emilia Cioroaica, Thomas Kuhn and Thomas Bauer Prototyping Automotive Smart Ecosystems  
Paper 6 Matheus Lopes Franco, Andre L. de Oliveira, Rosana T. V. Braga, Catherine Dezan, Jean-Philippe Diguet and Kalinka R. J. L. Branco Model-Based Dependability Analysis of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - A Case Study  
Coffee Break                                        
Session 4  Functional safety   16:00- 16:45  
Paper 7 Mohamad Gharib, Paolo Lollini, Marco Botta, Elvio Amparore, Susanna Donatelli and Andrea Bondavalli On the Safety of Automotive Systems Incorporating Machine Learning based Components - A position paper  
Paper 8 Kuen-Long Lu, Yung-Yuan Chen and Li-Ren Huang FMEDA-based Fault Injection and data analysis in compliant with ISO-26262  
 Session 5  Joint panel SSIV & DSML   17:00- 18:00
Panelists: Philippe Quéré (Renault), Nirmal R. Saxena (Nvidia), Johan Karlsson (Chalmers University) 
Moderator: Doug Blough (Georgia Institute of Technology)

How will we be able to trust self-driving cars?

Douglas Blough 

- Johan Karlsson 

- Nirmal Saxena 

- Philippe Quéré



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