SSIV - Program 2017 (June 26)


Session 1              Chair: João Cunha   8:30 - 10:00                  
Keynote Kimon Valavanis                        Unmanned Aviation: Challenges in Design for Autonomy and Integration into the National Airspace  
Paper 1 Pranav Jetley, Sujit P B and Srikkanth Saripalli Safe landing od fixed wing UAVs  
Coffee Break      
Session 2                         Chair: Jean-Charles Fabre   10:30 - 12:00                      
Paper 2 Caroline B. S. T. Molina, Jorge R. Almeida Jr., Rodrigo I, Rojas Gonzàlez, Lúcio F. Vismari, Jamil K. Naufal Jr. And João B. Camargo Jr. Assuring Fully Autonomous Vehicles Safety by Design: the Autonomous Vehicle Control (AVC) Module Strategy  
Paper 3 Ayhan Mehmed, Wilfried Steiner and Sasikumar Punnekkat Deterministic Ethernet: Addressing the Challenges of Asynchronous Sensing in Sensor Fusion Systems  
Paper 4 Wenbo Xu, Martin Wegner, Lars Wolf and Ruediger Kapitza Byzantine Agreement Service for Cooperative Embedded Systems  
Session 3                       Chair: Ayan Mehmed    13:30 - 15:15                                
Keynote Mohamed Kaâniche Automotive Embedded Systems Security: A Language Based Intrusion Detection Approach  
Paper 5 Matthieu Amy, Jean-Charles Fabre and Michael Lauer Towards Adaptive Fault Tolerance on ROS for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems  
Paper 6 Madeline Cheah, Jeremy Bryans, Daniel Fowler and Siraj Shaikh Threat Intelligence for Bluetooth-enabled Systems with Automotive Applications: An Empirical Study  
Coffee Break                                        
Session 4 Chair: Paulo Veríssimo   15:45 - 17:00                                    
Panel Kimon Valavanis, Mohamed Kaâniche, Marco Vieira Challenges, current solutions and research directions regarding safety and security of intelligent vehicles