M.Sc. Project: Computer networks virtualization - an approach focused on mobility and georeferencing

M.Sc. Student: Paulo Henrique Moreira Gurgel

Project title: Computer networks virtualization - an approach focused on mobility and georeferencing

Abstract: Study computer networks is not a trivial task. It is possible to learn networks through books, magazines, specialized forums, but practical experimentation is important. The problem arises when you need to conduct experiments, as this is a costly process, involving the availability of various facilities and privileges to modify settings of any of them, possibly breaking the system. Availability of laboratories and equipment costs for small research groups can, also, be a prohibitive factor. There are tools that can provide practical experimentation, through simulation and / or virtualization of these scenarios. However, such tools do not effectively solves issues such as mobile, wireless, embedded devices and georeferencing. This project aims to create a tool capable of performing the experiments so that it can cover these gaps efficiently and consuming fewer resources. The proposed tool will allow preconfigured scenarios or developed by end users to provide validation and verification environments being studied, either by students who are having their first contact with the technologies experienced, either by network administrators who need to validate a new configuration or topology, either by research groups that need to verify the implementation of a new communication protocol.

Keywords: Netkit, Computer networks, Mobile networks, Security, IPv6

Period: 2012 - nowadays


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