This page shows the current projects being developed at LSEC.



Ph.D. Projects

Analysis of information spreading in FANET networks - Rayner de Melo Pires

Extending unmanned aircraft systems: specification of a security and mobile-based data communication architecture - Daniel Fernando Pigatto

Service Oriented Architecture for complex critical embedded systems - a case study focused on avionics - Douglas Rodrigues

Layered architecture model for interconnection of systems in UAS - LARISSA - Emerson Alberto Marconato

A control system focused on minimizing drift - specification of a VTOL - Natássya B. F. da Silva

Cloud SPHERE: Uma abordagem de segurança para veículos não tripulados - Mariana Rodrigues


M.Sc. Projects



Concluded Projects

Generation of spectral signatures for detection of pathologies in Eucalyptus crops - A study using UAVs - Adimara Bentivoglio Colturato

Computer networks virtualization - an approach focused on mobility and georeferencing - Paulo Henrique Moreira Gurgel

Development of a plug-and-play mechanism to smart sensors array in unmanned aerial systems - Rayner de Melo Pires

Security in critical embedded systems - using cryptography for secure communication - Daniel Fernando Pigatto

A comparative study of the security specifications applied to a service-oriented architecture - Douglas Rodrigues