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Philippe QUERE 

Title: Progress and possibilities of concrete links between functional safety and cybersecurity

Abstract: In automotive, functional safety standard, ISO 26262, is official since the end of 2011. For its revision actually in final stage, some sentences were added to draw the attention on necessary interfaces with cybersecurity.
But as no automotive cybersecurity standards were existing, more precision interfaces could not be highlighted.
Today, we are developing this cybersecurity standard, namely the ISO/SAE 21434.
With the first drafts coming out of the drafting team, it is now a good time to start working on more precise on the potential interfaces.

Short Bio:  Philippe Quéré is expert on cybersecurity process and conformity. He is involved among other topics on ISO/SAE 21434 Automotive Cybersecurity Engineering.

Previously he has been involved for 10 years in the development of ISO 26262 Functional Safety standard.

He takes part in the discussions on cross domain comparison of safety standards in a working group of Embedded France. As a computer science engineer with experience in embedded software, he joined Renault in 2005 in “advanced engineering” to work on software development subjects. He took the lead of the team in 2010. And then led an Alliance convergence project with Nissan. Before joining Renault Philippe has been involved in the development of embedded software for the consumer electronics and the automotive industry, working for car suppliers and manufacturers via subcontracting.